11188279_10204182138374008_237768755206186260_nHi I am Sara Russert, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist. I have been Vegan for 20 years and had a previous career as a baker and private chef/caterer. My passion for food and cooking has resulted in me taking a great interest in nutrition, and more specifically sports nutrition. I am certified by Dot Fit in Nutrition and have done a lot of additional education on my own.
11262085_899297980142042_4162598828850607224_nMy dad was a competitive natural bodybuilder when I was growing up so I started my relationship with lifting weights at an early age. The gym feels like a second home to me and I want it to feel like a comfortable place for you.

For the past 5 years I have been competing in natural women’s bodybuilding and raw powerlifting. I love having a goal to strive for, it helps me stay motivated and work to constantly improve. I feel like a clear goal is the first step to success with fitness, and I love to help people set goals and get results.

Currently I am competing between the 60kg and 63kg weight classes in Raw Powerlifting. I am working towards a double bodyweight squat at my next meet and am thrilled to have qualified for USAPL Nationals at my first meet of the year. What I love about powerlifting is learning how to mentally relax while I physically struggle and the mini rewards of setting personal records and seeing small weight increases frequently. I also like that the focus isn’t on losing fat but instead on gaining strength.

HEY! I want to work with you! If you say yes to any of these contact me
– Preparing for a wedding
– Recovering from injury
– Transgender or Genderqueer
– Pregnant
– Focused on getting stronger
– Focused on maintaining strength, function, and mobility later in life
– Afraid of gym spaces
– Wanting to be a super buff badass