Client Testimonals

Injury Recovery and Lifestyle Gains

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Client: Kristina A

When I first started my personal training, I was recovering from a low back injury. I was in a lot of pain, and as a result had become very inactive. I was seeing another trainer in the beginning, but wasn’t improving because I’d do something during a session that would cause me to reinjure my back. I’d revert to inactivity for days, sometimes having to ditch training for weeks. The constant ups and downs were frustrating, not to mention disheartening. So I was understandably nervous when I started sessions with Sara.

Training with Sara, there was no scary roller coaster ride, only improvement from the get-go. Not once throughout my training with her have I experienced any sets backs or having to take a break from the gym due to re-injury of my back. She really helped me focus on the kind of training I needed to strengthen my weak areas. Now that my back and core are strong again, we have upped my training game. I’ve gone from barely being able to lift 10lbs, to running Spartan Races fearlessly. My health, strength, and confidence continue to improve. I couldn’t have done it without her knowledge, guidance and support. Thank you Sara!