Personal Training

We all want to feel good while performing daily activities like walking the dog or climbing the stairs at work. Even better if you can take your first hike of the year and not feel sore for days after! Some of us might have more focused goals in mind like competing in an obstacle race, a figure show, or on the platform. Whatever your personal goals may be we can work together to get you ready and confident for your endeavor.

Your fitness should be a lifetime pursuit, as we strive to always be able to move and play with ease. The best way to ensure you always can is to never stop! Let me help you to excel in your favorite types of activities and live a long active life. Start now.

Nutrition assistance also available for training clients!

As a competitive natural bodybuilder I have had to be very creative in the kitchen to come up with delicious foods that are high in protein while low in calories. When I am powerlifting I have different nutritional requirements and get to enjoy some higher carb treats. No matter the goals I can teach you how to eat to succeed.
I believe that the best diet is the one you will stick with so my method of nutritional coaching is to work with you to find the best diet that will work for your lifestyle long term while still giving you the results you are looking for. I believe in consistent effort, not perfection, and know that the key to your results can be found in the daily adherence to a sensible training and nutrition plan.

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